Life Fellow
BA (Oxon); DipPhilSci (Oxon); MA (Oxon; Cantab); MB, CHB; MD ; DPM
Mental symptoms in neurological disease; descriptive psychopathology; the history & epistemology of psychiatry
Doctorates Honoris causa: University of Heidelberg (Germany), San Marcos (Peru), Barcelona (Spain), Buenos Aires (Argentina), Cordoba (Argentina), Chile (Chile). Fellow of the British Psychological Society, of the Academy of Medical Sciences, of the Royal College of Psychiatrists and of 16 international Academies. 2006 Chair of Psychopathology “German E. Berrios” (University of Antioquia, Colombia) 2007 Order of the Sun (Grand Officer) (Government of Peru) 2008 ‘Ramon y Cajal’ Neuropsychiatry Prize (International Neuropsychiatry Association). 2010 Honorary Fellowship (Royal College of Psychiatrists, UK); 2016 Life Achievement Award (Spanish Society of Old Age Psychiatry); 2016 “Honorio Delgado” Medal (Instituto Nacional de Salud Mental “Honorio Delgado - Hideyo Noguchi”. Lima, Perú).
Emeritus Professor of Psychiatry