Director of Studies in Modern and Medieval Languages
BA in English and Modern Languages (Spanish), University of Oxford; MPhil in European Literature and PhD in Argentine literature, University of Cambridge
Literature, film, graphic fiction and visual arts from Argentina and Chile, fiction and documentary film in Latin America, memory and representation in the post-dictatorship era in the Southern Cone, science fiction, posthumanism, the broader relationship between science and culture, critical and cultural theories from postcolonial theory to film theory
Lectures and supervisions for Latin American undergraduate papers (SP5, SP12, SP13), for the Iberoamerican Cinema paper (IL1), for the first-year Introduction to the Language, Literatures and Cultures of the Spanish-Speaking World (SP1) and Year Abroad/Optional Dissertations on Latin American topics. Teaching for MPhil courses in Latin American Studies; European, Latin American and Comparative Literatures and Cultures; and Film and Screen Studies. Supervision for PhD theses on Argentine and Chilean literature, cinema and visual arts.
Choral singing, cycling, travel
Centre of Latin American Studies and Department of Spanish and Portuguese
Professor of Latin American Literature and Visual Culture