Director of Studies in Engineering, Teaching Fellow in Engineering, Engineering Admissions coordinator, Chair of the Wine Committee
Dipl. El.-Ing. ETH (ETH Zurich) and Dr. Techn.-Wiss. (ETH Zurich)
Information Theory, Source Coding (Data Compression), Channel Coding (Error Correction). I currently participate in a project at the European Bioinformatics Institute to design the information theoretic aspects of a data storage system that uses DNA molecules as the storage medium. Storing data on DNA brings considerable advantages in data density over traditional storage media, and is currently being considered for long term archiving of essential data, but considerable advances in efficiency and pricing are necessary for it to become a viable storage medium for general usage.
In Part I (years 1 and 2) of the Engineering tripos, I teach or have taught various parts of the mathematics module and of the information engineering module, and led or helped run various labs (microprocessors, electrical, lego.) In Part II (years 3 and 4) I teach or have taught information theory, error control coding and cryptography in various modules, and devised and led a data compression lab activity (3F7, 4F5, formerly 3F1.) I currently also serve as Director of Studies in Engineering at Newnham College.
Food, coffee, wine, music, jazz, alto sax
Affiliated Lecturer and Senior Research Associate