Postdoctoral Research Associate
I am currently a research associate in Division A of the Engineering Department of Cambridge University. My research interests are in the broad areas of thermo-fluid science and computational modelling, and specifically the current focus is on turbulent reacting flows, particularly fundamental physics of lean premixed combustion and its application to practical use (industrial & aero gas turbines). I do analysis to identify ways to improve efficiency of and to reduce emissions from such practical devices using various modelling strategies for high-fidelity numerical simulations. Also, I work on thermo-acoustic instabilities, the coupling between rate of heat release and pressure fluctuations, in practical energy producing devices and the aim is to reduce these instabilities and thereby the sound emission to improve the overall performance of gas turbine engines. Beside these current topics of research, my interests include the general area of computational fluid dynamics applied to a variety of problems ranging from supersonic flows, renewable energies such as wind turbines, thermal cooling problems (e.g. reactor cooling in nuclear power plants) and biological flows such as dynamics of blood flow and possible related applications. I hope to collaborate with other researchers working in these topics in due course and I believe that having conversations with Robinson members in SCR and during dinners would pave ways for such collaborative research.
Department of Engineering