Golden Beetroot Baklava with Salted Caramel Pistachios

1 pack filo pastry

300g golden beetroot

75g pistachio nuts

150g caster sugar

2tbsp water

3tbsp clear honey

100g melted butter

1/2tsp sea salt

1/2tsp lemon juice

Cook and peel the golden beetroot. Thinly slice (1mm) the beetroot. Line a baking tray, approx. 10cm x 15cm x 4cm with baking parchment. Mix the melted butter and 2tbsp honey. Lay a sheet of filo pastry in the prepared baking tray, brush with a little honey/butter, arrange a layer of sliced beetroot on to the buttered filo. Lay another sheet of filo on to this and repeat the process until the stack is approx. 2cm deep. With a sharp knife, score the top of the baklava into the desired shapes. Transfer the baklava to a 160degree centigrade oven for 20-30minutes until golden brown.

Whilst the baklava bakes, dissolve the sugar in a pan with the water and lemon juice over a low heat. When the sugar has dissolved increase the heat and boil until the sugar turns golden/caramel. (150degrees centigrade.) Add 1tbsp honey to prevent setting. Meanwhile roast the pistachio nuts for 6-8 minutes. Roughly chop the toasted nuts, combine with the sea salt and add to the caramel. Pour the hot caramel over the warm baklava and allow to cool. Cut into portions and serve.