The Theology and Religious Studies Tripos consists of two parts: a one year Part I and a two year Part II (divided into Part IIA in the second year, and Part IIB in the third year). Undergraduates can offer Part I before changing to read Part II in another discipline, just as they can spend one or two years studying Theology and Religious Studies after taking Part I in another Faculty of the University.

Part I provides introductory papers to the major disciples of theology and religious studies - Biblical studies, Christian origins, the historical interaction between Christianity and non-Christian cultures, modern theology, sociological, anthropological and psychological approaches to the study of religion, the major religions of the world, and the philosophy of religion and ethics. Students have to offer five out of eight papers, one of which must be in a language (the choice is Greek, Hebrew, Arabic or Sanskrit). Part IIA allows the opportunity to develop interests gained in Part I and begin specialised studies. There are papers in biblical studies, Church history, systematic theology, the philosophy of religion, Islam, Judaism and the Indian religions, science and religion, and religion and the human sciences. Students are expected to offer four papers from a choice of sixteen.

Part IIB (which is taken in the final year) allows even further specialisation. Students are required to choose four papers from over twenty, and have the option to replace one of those papers with a dissertation. Amongst the twenty papers are a range of interdisciplinary papers.