Event professionals from across the UK gathered at Robinson College to explore event creation at the last clic+ Club seminar of 2016.

Ben Cole, managing director of live events business Inspired, took delegates on a journey to explore the key stages of creating an engaging and memorable event experience. The interactive session kept the audience on its toes throughout with a storytelling workshop that involved devising a story in response to a given title and presenting their 60 second creation.

This was the third clic+ Club event to take place in 2016 as part of the ‘Five steps to successful events’ series. These focus on exploring new and innovative ways to run successful events, broaden networks and share best practice within the events industry.

Event technology enhanced the session showing how it could be used to create a more collaborative experience for the audience. Glisser gave delegates the opportunity to answer live polls and ask questions anonymously from the comfort of their smartphones. CatchBox, the throwable microphone, enabled delegates to easily contribute throughout the afternoon.

Blendology demonstrated its new digital networking technology, which allowed visitors to seamlessly exchange contact information at the touch of a badge, creating an environmentally friendly networking experience. The Magic Mirror Booth also joined the event line-up, showcasing its fun and interactive photo booth, with a suitcase full of fancy dress options for delegates to choose from.

Rose McDonald, head of sales and marketing, said: “We are always looking for ways to make the clic+ events as innovative and engaging as possible. Ben captivated the audience from start to finish by reflecting on the key processes and approaches that can help aid creativity in event organisation. The technology helped delegates connect with the session, whilst showing them products they might not usually come across and how these could be used at their own events.”

The event concluded with a raffle in aid of Blue Smile, the Club’s 2016 charity.

The clic+ Club has evolved from the award-winning clic+ 2014 and 2015 and looks to build on the initiative’s founding principles: Connect, Learn, Innovate and Communicate.

The clic+ Club will host its next event in the new year:

Event Delivery, Friday 27th January 2017: Guest speakers to be announced soon.