As promised, here lies all things RCSA. Normally this will be a brief round up of what we have been up to over the last few weeks, but this explains our roles more generally because it is the first one. Happy reading xxx

Rhys Goodhall, President: To get the ball rolling, we start with our esteemed leader. Rhys’s knowledge of the constitution is second to none and he not only organises our meetings, edits the agenda and then leads the discussion at said meetings, he also formats whatever rambling suggestions we send in accordance with the constitution itself. He has weekly meetings with the Senior Tutor and Steward. He also regularly attends meetings with CUSU to represent Robinsons stances on any given issue. Currently he is in contact with the Warden, Bursar and Senior Treasurer of the RCSA about proposed changes to the Constitution which will be proposed at the next open meeting. The heating in the Old Officer has been repaired and he is working on the next stage of bringing the room back into use. Most importantly, he is available seemingly 24/7 for badgering and inane questions we could all look up ourselves which he always answers promptly and without giving away how irritating he must inevitably find it.

Cat Somerville, Vice-President: There isn’t a lot Cat Somerville is not involved in. Currently her priority is organising the room ballot, and she has spent the last two weeks trying to canvas student opinion for any improvements that need to be made to it. She also compiles your weekly external bulletin with opportunities and events going on all around Cambridge and the University. If you are wondering whether that level of perfection is kept up all year round the answer is yes and its incredibly irritating.

Lizzie Palmer, Chair: A goddess of the RCSA, it would probably be easier to write a list of everything Lizzie doesn’t do. She chairs both the open meetings and the RCSA meetings which requires intimate knowledge of the constitution and of all the issues being put forward. She also accompanies Rhys to most CUSU Council events, emails out about and organises elections for the committee and keeps us all in line with everything we should remember but inevitably don’t because she does it for us. This week she has organised a constitutional review meeting with the subcommittee in preparation for review by the student body.

James Hedge, Secretary: Diligently taking notes at every meeting, James provides some much needed humour to the proceedings. He takes the minutes and then presents them in a readable format for us all to eagerly pour over after every meeting. He also organises the agenda for Open Meetings; anything and everything you submit goes through him. Self-confessed ‘glue that holds the RCSA together’. That hasn’t gone to a vote yet.

Monty Matson, Green Officer: Monty’s job is to try and make college more sustainable and eco-friendly. He has been researching cost-benefit analysis and feasibility of solar thermal panels for the college. College is currently (and excitingly) on track for a gold award in the Student Switch Off Challenge. He has also been planning a study to estimate heat loss from staircase doors and room window/doors, and looking at ways of making rooms smell less without opening doors. This week is also the Green Bop, which is sure to top the tough category of most-eco-friendly-BOP in your calendar.

Will Birch, Treasurer: Will handles everything to do with money, both in terms of everything the RCSA spends and what you submit to open/budget meetings. You may have very little direct contact with him and his spreadsheeting ways, but if you ever benefit from welfare supplies, society funds or quite literally anything student that costs money, you probably have Will to thank. No, really.

Edward Butler-Cadle, Sports and Societies Officer: Edward is in charge of all things societies; he has recently been trying to organise a college varsity against our sister college St. Cats Oxford but unfortunately that hasn’t managed to come about. He has also organised the yoga classes that are currently going on in college and is encouraging college to subsidise them.

Anna Maloney, Catering and Amenities: Anna is in regular contact with college on anything catering and amenities related. She is the one who has organised Marriage formal and halfway hall which are (no sarcasm this time) some of the highlights of the year. She is also in charge of the new washing facilities (and yes, she already knows about the driers but eagerly anticipates the 184th person to tell her that they don’t dry as well as they used to)

Emily Fishman, Access Officer: Emily’s commitment to Access is unparalleled. She is constantly in contact with college organising events and tours for our affiliated schools and for kids in the local area. For the last month she has been organising the hugely successful shadowing scheme, even receiving a thank you card from the first cohort of shadows. She is also planning on arranging an access road show - or access bus tour with Eleanor the SLO, and potentially have something in the pipeline for an ethnic minority access event. These events generally rely on student participation, so thank you to everyone who has already involved themselves and please keep doing so!

Luisa Luttgen, Academic Affairs: Luisa has a crucial job, but it falls mostly behind the scenes. She attends all of the academic council committees to represent our views within college. This is particularly important for the library committee. Mainly used to establish a better feedback system between the student body and the Committee as to make students aware of the initiative they can take on book suggestions through subject reps and general matters they are unhappy with (lighting, heating, printing...). She also co-ordinates the subject reps, including subject drinks to introduce you to people in other years.

Sarah Ferry and Lilly Judd, Ents: In what will inevitably come as a shock to all, Lilly and Sarah organise weekly bops. My current favourite motto of theirs is ‘no one ever boycotted a bop on the basis of too many emails’, and what great emails they are. You have them to thank for most things ENTS related in college, including the return this year of bar events like karaoke (so like them or hate them dependent on how much you enjoy drunken renditions of Barbie Girl)

Mihai Truta, Computer Officer: Mihai came to the game somewhat late after the dramatic resignation of the original Computer Officer (shoutout Lorenzo Leoni) but has taken to it like a duck to water (imagine I made some sort of computer related joke there instead). He is currently helping us work out plans for an anonymous Welfare forum and he is a regular port of call for help with email and general IT problems.

George Barton, Newsletter editor: Honestly I have no idea ask him

Due to the staggering popularity and traction the RCSA round-up is already gathering, we have had a write in request for inclusion. As expected this is Mark Driver, MCR Rep: As MCR delegate he attends RCSA meetings to ensure that graduate students are not overlooked and adds historic colour to every discussion. Mark has been proactive in ensuring graduates receive all relevant emails and information about RCSA events.


Welfare Team:

Laura Prince, Welfare Officer: Laura’s job is to hold drop-ins at least once a week and the C-Card sign up sessions in the café every week. She also sends out an eagerly anticipated weekly email updating you on all things Welfare around college (just in case you’ve managed to miss those) and tries to organise events. Currently she is working on plans for exam term including a booklet of tips and is planning a mental health discussion group for next week. She also attends weekly meetings at CUSU and get sexual health supplies which are available to everyone in the welfare cupboard and from her room.

Lotti Howson, Women’s Officer (also Lotti Smith on facebook in case that was confusing people): Lotti also holds weekly drop-ins and she has the same sexual health supplies as Laura. You may also know her from her charming weekly emails. She organises feminist events on a near weekly basis on a huge range of topics, from religion to politics, from sexual health to rape culture. She also organises events around college in celebration of women and non-binary people and her current focus is on International Women’s Day in March.

Peter Curry, Mens Officer: Once again, Peter holds drop-in sessions weekly and emails the men and non-binary individuals of college once a week. He is currently looking at organising mens runs alongside the football Captain Oli Friend and is focusing his attention on the anonymous forum alongside the technologically inept Laura.

Matt Kite, LGBT+: Matt’s most recent claim to fame is of course the fabulous extravaganza that was Rainbow Robinson. He also organises lots of LGBT+ social events within Cambridge- there is a separate LGBT+ mailing list and facebook page which people are not automatically added to, so feel free to contact Matt if you would like to hear of exciting social events around Cambridge and meet more LGBT+ people. Like the rest of the Welfare team he holds drop-ins and is available to talk through all things LGBT+ related.

Sneha Barai, Ethnic Minorities Officer: Sneha organises all things BME. She organises swaps and events within the Cambridge BME Community and is committed to improving access for BME students into Robinson. She also sends out a weekly bulletin to inform college about what is going on, and is available for any and all questions to try and ensure that BME students feel comfortable and settled in what is still unfortunately a very white-dominated environment.

Amelie Haeberlin, International Students Officer: Amelie is in charge of organising activities for internationals within college ranging from swaps to international freshers week. Currently her focus is on the internationals that celebrated Chinese New Year and there are some plans for a swap soon. Alternatively, Robinson will be holding an International Food Pot Luck sometime soon. Amelie is a big advocate of food as a way to international hearts. 

Laura Prince, Welfare Officer, 2UGrad, Robinson College