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The Annual Fund

On average only 25% of College income comes from academic fees and charges. The balance is made up of income from conferences and student accommodation, residential services, investments, and very importantly, gifts from our Friends and alumni.

We are committed to admitting students with the greatest potential, regardless of their background. We aim to create an environment that enables those young people to flourish and fulfill that potential without the burden of financial worry. 

The Annual Fund is unrestricted and exists to support all aspects of College life.  It provides flexibility to deal with urgent needs that arise during the year, such as:

  • Securing Academic Excellence - it is the individual colleges that bear most of the costs of the supervision system, although the majority of Government funding and fees are received by the central University. Robinson currently subsidises the cost of each undergraduate’s education by at least £2,700 per annum.
  • Student Support - the best students are accepted on their merit alone, regardless of their financial situation and each year there are students whose financial circumstances change through no fault of their own, or who find themselves in need of financial assistance. The College is contributing an ever greater proportion of this support.
  • Building development and maintenance – maintaining the living and teaching spaces and facilities, construction of new College buildings, and managing the beautiful gardens.
  • College Societies and Sports – provide an outlet and relaxation in a high-pressure environment, as well as bringing other members of the community into College.

Your gift to the Annual Fund will help the College to continue to offer a first-class education to students from all walks of life, with all the opportunities that it brings. Thank you.

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