Core Funding and Expenses

General guide to undergraduate and graduate finance and expenses

College Bursaries

A Bursary Fund has been created from donations by alumni and other benefactors of the College. About 30 awards were made in 2016/17 between £325 and £1,300. The fund is available to assist both undergraduates and graduates who face a shortfall in income or whose circumstances impose unavoidable additional expenses.

Application forms are issued at the beginning of the Lent Term and can be found here for undergraduates and graduates. An application must be discussed with and counter-signed by your Tutor and then sent to the Senior Tutor's Assistant by the deadline, which is 2 February 2018.  Awards are made by a College committee that meets once a year. Late applications will be considered outside committee only on the basis that an emergency arose after the deadline.

Hugh Paton - J P Morgan Bursaries

Hugh Paton was the first Law Fellow of the College before going on to work at J P Morgan, which created this fund in his memory. The fund is available to assist female undergraduates in their second year in any subject other than Architecture, Medicine or Veterinary Medicine. Awards are made on the basis of financial need and contribution to the life of the college, combined with serious attention to academic studies. A number of awards to the value of £600 each are available each year.

Invitations to apply are issued at the end of the Michaelmas Term and application should be made to the Senior Tutor. Awards are made at the discretion of the Warden, the Senior Tutor and the Financial Tutor.

Payment Arrangements

Paying for meals in College

Payment of College Bills

Bills for accommodation, tuition fees and other charges are issued halfway through each term (in the case of overseas and graduate students, at the beginning of the academic year) and must be paid within 10 days. Interest will be charged on overdue accounts unless your Tutor recommends otherwise to the Financial Tutor. A final bill will be issued shortly before graduation and the College will not present you for a degree unless your account has been settled in full.

Sources of Additional Funding

Book and Equipment Loan Fund

The College may purchase books or equipment of which you need the exclusive and continuous use. These will normally be items that may be of value to other students once you are finished with them. The maximum sum you may claim in each academic year is £75, although this limit may be waived at the discretion of the Financial Tutor to cover the cost of a single item of durable equipment.

Applications should be made on this form and counter-signed by your Director of Studies before sending (with receipts) to the Financial Tutor.

Vacation Accommodation Awards

The College may waive or reduce charges for residence during the Easter vacation by finalists who wish to work on dissertations and during the Long Vacation by other students working on research projects in departments.

Applications for the Easter vacation should be made as an application for a College Bursary (see above). Applications for the Long Vacation should be made by email to the Financial Tutor and must be supported by your Director of Studies. You should specify the nature of the research, the period for which you require accommodation and the salary (if any) payable by the department. Application for the room itself should be made on your Going Down form.

Language Courses

The College will normally reimburse 50% of the cost of a CULP language course upon production of the receipt and the certificate of completion of the course. Apply to the Senior Tutor’s Assistant, Mrs Keisha Sharp, in the Tutorial Office.

Student Activities Fund

Funds are available to support activities out of the ordinary. These include, for example, representing the University in sport, music or other competitions, vacation work placements that are not a compulsory part of your course, or attendance at conferences and other special academic expenses in connection with a dissertation.

Sports clothing and equipment costs are not eligible. The College usually pays up to 60% of qualifying costs within a maximum grant of £150 and payment is made by reimbursement against receipts. Awards are made at the discretion of the Financial Tutor and the Senior Tutor. Applications should be made by email to the Financial Tutor, including your case for funding and an outline of the total expenses and funding from other sources (if any), not later than 30 June in each academical year.

The Fred Boyne Sporting Achievement Fund

This fund was created by past and present members of the College in honour of the first Head Porter, Fred Boyne, to reward outstanding achievement in sports. While exceptional costs associated with training or competition in any sport in which the University competes may qualify for support, consideration will be given in the first instance to funding kit and other equipment for which the Student Activities Fund does not cater. Three awards were made in 2016/17 of £225 each.

Invitations to apply are issued at the beginning of the Easter Term and application should be made to the Senior Tutor. Awards are made by the Head Porter, Financial Tutor and Senior Tutor.

The Friends of the College Fund

This fund will consider applications from current students or recent graduates for any appropriate purpose. Awards usually fall within the range from £200 to £1,000.

Invitations to apply are issued at the beginning of the Easter Term and application should be made to the Senior Tutor. Awards are made at the discretion of the Warden and the Senior Tutor.

Funds through the University

Visit the search engine for awards, funds, studentships and prizes advertised across the University.

Subject-specific funds and guidance


Application may be made to the Book and Equipment Loan Fund for studio equipment and materials.

Application may be made for a Vacation Accommodation award to cover the cost of residence in college during exhibitions of your work.

Second year architects are encouraged to apply to the Friends of the College Fund for a contribution towards the cost of preparing their final year dissertation. Application should be made through the Director of Studies for submission to the Senior Tutor.

Archaeology, Architecture, Geography and Geology

Application may be made to the Student Activities Fund for a contribution towards the cost of site visits and field trips. The application should include a copy of the proposal as approved by the department, where applicable, and the support of the Director of Studies.

Modern and Medieval Languages

A Vacation Studies Fund has been created with the help of a generous benefaction to provide bursaries towards the cost of attending short intensive language courses overseas. Application may be made at any time to your Director of Studies who will provide further details. Awards are made at the discretion of the MML Directors of Studies in consultation with the Financial Tutor.

Financial difficulties

If you find yourself in financial difficulty DO NOT put your head in the sand.

If it is an administrative problem (e.g. late receipt of student finance) contact the Finance Manager, Mrs Tumber, in the College Office, who is more than helpful. If you have an unexpected shortfall of income, consult your Tutor, who may refer you to the Financial Tutor. He will do his best to advise you and help you apply for the hardship funds that may be available from the College and elsewhere.

Subject to amendment, revised 5 January 2018