A Level: A*A*A IB: 40-42 points, with 776 at Higher Level, plus grades 1,1 in STEP II and III

If you enjoy the challenge of solving difficult problems and are fascinated by all things mathematical, Cambridge could be the right place for you. The Mathematical Tripos is the most demanding undergraduate mathematics course available in Britain and also one of the most rewarding. Because there are around 250 new students each year, the department can offer a very wide range of courses. The BA degree in Mathematics comprises three years of study. In the first year (Part IA) there are only two options:

Pure and Applied Mathematics
Mathematics with Physics

In the second year (Part IB) there is only one option but some choice in both the number of courses and the areas of study. In the third year (Part II) students do typically 8 courses chosen from 35 in total. There is also a taught fourth undergraduate year (Part III) leading to an MMath qualification which is open to students with a first class at Part II. The Part III course aims to bridge the gap between undergraduate Mathematics and Mathematics Research.

Subject Requirements

Essential: A Level / IB Higher Level Mathematics and A Level Further Mathematics .

Highly Desirable: A Level / IB Higher Level Physics.

Also Useful: A Level/IB Higher Level Chemistry, Biology.

Most of our mathematics students have taken A levels in Mathematics and Further Mathematics. It is perfectly feasible to study Mathematics at Robinson without having taken Physics A Level / IB Higher Level but it is useful background for a number of the core curriculum applied courses.

Written Work


Admission Assessments

The 2022 Mathematics assessment will take place on Wednesday 23 November. Further information will be provided if you are invited to interview. You do not need to register for this assessment. . The test is of 30 minutes duration with questions based on the A-level syllabus. Although special preparation is not necessary, familiarity with and fluency in applying the calculus elements of the core A-level syllabus will be particularly useful. 

Director of Studies - Dr Chris Warner

Teaching Fellows and Senior Members - Professor I T Drummond, Professor J C Taylor, Dr Jack Button, Dr Gareth Taylor

Further information

Mathematics  (information from Cambridge Admissions website)

Faculty of Mathematics website

Updated October 2022