A few weeks ago I was asked to give a presentation to the entire Robinson College team on the successes of last year’s sales and marketing activity. Whilst I had given many presentations in the past, I always find it daunting to offer something original and engaging that the audience would be interested in. From my past experience, the best presentations are humorous, visually enticing and are always interactive which is exactly how I wanted mine to be.

I began by creating the copy, making some slides, taking photos and even had a few jokes up my sleeve - so far, so standard. But how could I offer the same interactive and visually enticing experience that I had admired so much in other’s presentations?

The answer, it turns out, was right in front of me. One of Robinson College’s USPs is the number of additional support services available to our clients through our Service+ portfolio. This includes our recently launched Tech+ service, where our dedicated AV team is on hand to offer knowledgeable and sound advice to assist customers with all their technical needs; (TBC Wi-Fi connectivity, XX and XX) What better way to show the staff how useful our offerings are, then by getting first-hand experience to show how the Tech+ service can go the extra mile to help our clients.

After discussing the key messages and ideas from my presentation with the AV team, a whole new world of PowerPoint applications along with hi-tech support was offered to me and, in the words of the team, implementing them into my talk would be ‘easy’ to do. Within a matter of hours my presentation was transformed and brought to life in a way I never thought possible. The team was on hand from start to finish ensuring that everything ran smoothly on the day and as a result, my confidence was sky high. The team was always available! My presentation was one I could be proud of and I’m sure this came across as I got some great feedback and thoroughly enjoyed it too.

By utilising the resources already available to our clients, I was able to considerably improve my presentation, the design; look and feel made it visually engaging which enhanced the way I delivered it to the audience. Experiencing the benefits of having an in-house AV and technical support team, showed the staff the strength of our Service+ package, highlighting how our event technology remains some of the best in the conference sector. The knowledge and dedication of the AV team means I need never be intimidated by the prospect of presenting again.