Dear All,

My name is Angus Parker and I am a student at Robinson and have recently started a project called Humans of Robinson.

The project (and accompanying Facebook page ( has been inspired by my desire to bring the college a little closer together, create a greater sense of community and reveal the stories and people that otherwise would remain hidden and unknown. I hope that this would really contribute to creating a more familial atmosphere in the college as sometimes I think the real ‘people’ of the college - whether that be students, staff, porters, cooks, cleaners, alumni etc - and their stories are not fully represented or appreciated. I am hopeful that I will be able to achieve this exposure and create this sense of community through such a project - the format for which has been inspired by the hugely popular and successful Humans of New York (which is well worth looking at - it is quite fascinating and inspiring -

The process just involves a short interview and a photo - interviews so far have taken under 15 minutes and range in scope as to what is discussed - but everything is said in complete confidence. I then draw up a short paragraph based on something you have raised before checking it through with you before release.

What I would really like to emphasise is that this project is aimed at EVERYONE in the college - I would love to hear from anyone. Please do not be dissuaded if you think you wouldn’t have much to say - I have so far found that often these interviews are the most interesting and revealing.

I hope this makes sense and that everyone will be willing to help out.

Hopefully, now that I have explained it, if a random student (me!) comes to ask if you would be happy to volunteer for Humans of Robinson you have more of an idea of what I am talking about!

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch though if you have any further questions about the page or if you would be willing to help out!

Kind Regards,

Angus Parker