This Cambridge Life features Dr Joanna Page, a Fellow of Robinson College, Director of Studies in Modern and Medieval Languages, and a Reader in Latin American Literature and Visual Culture.

Dr Page speaks about her research in Latin American art projects that engage with scientific techniques, and which inspire us to find better ways of living in balance with the world around us. She talks about the crossover between art and science and the importance of navigating between disciplines that might, at first glance, seem very different. Her research explores how Latin American thinkers and artists challenge our ideas about nature and advance the rights of all species, not only humans, to pursue life.

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Joanna will be speaking about her latest research at the Cambridge Festival. She will present innovative multimedia art projects that draw on new scientific research to help us imagine more sustainable relationships between humans, technology and the environment. The event will take place on Friday 26 March 6.00-7.00pm GMT. Book your free place.

Photography: Lloyd Mann