On Friday 20th January 2017 the Part II Geographers in Robinson presented their dissertation progress to their Robinson geographer peers. The students presenting and their topics were:

Joe Davis-Elkington - Grime music as a tool for urban resistance
Aldo Sands - Gentrification and the elderly in Camden Town
Lucy Levy - Transgender police officers in the UK
Ben Shotnes - Social capital, state and civil society in Sark
Sam Benson - Geopolitics, popular culture and the war on terror

Presenting in front of an audience helps the students to develop confidence and new skills as well as creating great opportunities for discussions based around their dissertations.

Lucy Levy says, “I'm not particularly confident when it comes to public speaking so I prepared a speech and wrote down a few notes before the presentation. I was the only student to do this but it really helped me gain confidence, engage better with the audience and feel more comfortable. I used to get really nervous when it comes to public speaking but since coming to university, I have had to present multiple times, whether it be on my dissertation or for a discussion on a particular module. This has definitely increased my public speaking and presentation skills, making sure I better manage my nerves, connect with the audience and speak eloquently and articulately, without mumbling or shying away!”

After the presentations, the students all headed to Formal Hall where the group had reserved a table. A perfect end to their evening.

Dr Charlotte Lemanski, Robinson College Fellow and Director of Studies in Geography