As a result of the imminent departure of Dr Holly Hedgeland, to whom we offer sincere thanks for her efforts over the last three years, the College is pleased to announce the appointments of Dr Emily Price as Admissions Tutor for Arts and Dr Elizabeth Rawlinson-Mills, who will become the Admissions Tutor for Widening Participation. Both Emily and Lizzi will work with Dr Scott Annett (Admissions Tutor for Sciences) over the coming years to ensure a positive admissions experience for our applicants. In addition to this, all will be working to develop and enhance the College's widening participation initiatives.

Emily Price is a Fellow and Lecturer in Modern and Medieval Languages, with specific interests in Medieval French, Occitan, and Italian song and poetry. Emily says, "I am looking forward to introducing potential applicants to our beautiful and friendly college, and showing them everything that Robinson has to offer as a forward-thinking community in which to live and study. Demystifying the admissions process and making Cambridge accessible to all students possessing an intellectual curiosity is my main focus as I start in this role."

Lizzi Rawlinson-Mills will be taking up a new role in the College, with a specific focus on supporting the activities of the Schools Liaison Officer in improving access to Robinson. She is a Fellow in Education and English, as well as being a University Lecturer, and her work on the Secondary PGCE course keeps her closely in touch with school and sixth form colleagues. Speaking of her recent appointment, Lizzi explains,

"There are many academically brilliant students who suspect that Cambridge is not for them. To our shame, there are still under-represented groups in Cambridge - and the University is the poorer for it. Part of my role as Admissions Tutor for Widening Participation is to join my voice to the chorus of colleagues and students saying: Cambridge is for you." Further information about Lizzi, and about her thoughts on her position, can be read here.

All three admissions tutors are looking forward to announcing our programme of events for the coming academic year, which will include a mixture of 'in-person' and online options. Any questions about the above, or about the outreach and admissions work undertaken by the College, should be directed to the Admissions Office at .

  Three individuals stand in Robinson College gardens. From left to right: Dr Lizzi Rawlinson-Mills, Dr Scott Annett, Dr Emily Price.  
  Left to right: Dr Lizzi Rawlinson-Mills, Dr Scott Annett, Dr Emily Price