A Very Brexit Musical follows a newly qualified journalist, who gets his first big break writing for the Maily Dail just as the biggest upset in British politics is about to occur. How will he cope with his fearsome editor and the many twists and turns of the referendum campaign? Follow the story of Cavid Damerons ill-fated decision to hold a referendum in the first instance, alongside Joris Bohnsons grasp for power in supporting the leave campaign. Does anyone come out as a winner?

Molly Cook and Anthony Gray (co-writers) talk more of their experience writing this original musical…


“Brexit and the EU has been the one issue that has divided the country like no other since we joined the EEC in 1973, and since we were born. Our want to write a musical came before our idea to base it around this controversial political event. In fact, it was on the way to one of the many music concerts we go to in Cambridge that we talked about the mammoth task of writing our own musical, and that regardless it was something we really wanted to do. So six months later, after a lot of brainstorming about set and characters, we sat down for one week solid and came out with the first drafts of a script and score. The writing process was relatively easy once we got into the swing of things. We both had a lot of fun writing the script and the score together, and combining our ideas. The musical takes the politicians as its starting point, including parodies of David Cameron, Boris Johnson and Theresa May to name but a few. Whilst the political caricatures we employ are intended to be satirical, the humour of the show is entirely light-hearted and jovial. We have tried to convey a meaningful message about the nature of referendums, as well as the way in which political discussion is conducted as a whole.”


‘A Very Brexit Musicalruns from Thursday 9th to Saturday 11th November at 7:45pm (and 2:30pm, Saturday Matinee) in the Robinson College Auditorium. Tickets are only £8 (£6 concession) and can be purchased online: https://brickhouse.tessera.info/event_157