1-0 win for Selwynson!!

It was a mighty battle, sometimes against the opposition, frequently against the gale force winds - well done everyone!

It was like trying to catch a butterfly in a whirlwind.

The first half commenced almost entirely in the opposition's half with Selwyn possessing the ball with confidence. After some supportive passing, attempting to make use of the opposition's gaps, an early shot on goal was stopped by the goalie - but we had them on the back foot! Strong throws from Jordon and a few beautiful runs by Cammy in her debut match, and Alex putting out a strong game as always, were almost enough for myself and Nicole to take a shot - but the entirety of the opposition were in the box! Joanna was excellent support and between us, we kept the opposition continually in their half. A few stray pushes made by Sidney-Magdalene to break free were skilLfully and quickly shut down by the work of Jordan, Lizzy, Emma and Maud - a formidable back line, as always. It wasn't until a quick tactical substitution was made, and Ruby came on to the pitch with her characteristic formation - set up from the wing by Jordon, Georgie managed to pass the ball backwards(!) towards Ruby, she was given space and time and took the most beautiful shot ever seen on the blustery pitches of Barton Road.

The second half saw the wind pick up and an epic battle took place between anyone wanting to kick the ball up field and the weather. Many (painful) goal kicks were taken and many (probably painful) throw-ins ensued. Charlotte had her opportunity to be out of goal and it was an opportunity she took! Several strong blocks and volleys upfield were fearlessly undertaken. After a few nerve racking moments where it seemed possible the wind alone might blow the ball into the goal, there were also times when the whole team pushed the game upfield with some of our usual defenders making pushes towards goal. All in all a well fought battle and some excellent passing going on between the whole team. There was plenty of calls but it was more or less pointless as no one could hear a thing over the wind.

P.O.T.M goes to Alex Nott for her commitment to runs on the wing, her constant shutting down of enemy players and her optimistic presence on the pitch and at training!
Also big shout out to Dan Jollans for being our ref today.