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Accident and Near Miss Form

Health and Safety - Why is it important

Under the Health & Safety at Work Act 1974, we have responsibility as landlords for the safety of visitors to the building (as distinct to employees) which includes our student and other residents.  Part of our risk assessment provisions is to understand the accidents and near misses that occur so that we can take proactive action to aim to reduce such occurrences.

What type of accidents should be reported?

All accidents (where injury has been sustained) and near-misses (accidents without injury) should be reported. 

How is this information used?

Accidents are investigated as required and remedial action taken.  Additionally statistics are compiled (shared with the H&S Committee including student members) and HODs to determine particular higher risk areas/activities to enable further mitigating action to be taken.  In specified cases, accidents are reported to HSE (RIDDO Regs).

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