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The Calls of Nature

Michaelmas 2021 - Lent 2022

10th October   Modernity, Postmodernity, and What Comes Next - Rev Dr Simon Perry

17th October   All creation groaning - Professor Morna Hooker

24th October   Into the Woods: Germany and its Forest - Dr Mary Stewart

31st Ocotber   Nervous Systems: Myriad Variations on a Simple Theme - Dr Brian McCabe

14th Novermber Some eclectic thoughts on the history and future of the Earth’s Climate - Dr Chris Warner

21st November The Toilet Sermon - Rev Dr Simon Perry

23rd January Why Conserve Nature?: An appreciation of Steve Trudgill’s work - Rev Dr Simon Perry

6th March Myth and Human Nature - Prof Morna Hooker

Undated Sermon, Listening to God in Nature - Morgan Peel