The Cambridge area code is 01223. For internal use, please drop the first digit.

College Staff and College Officers


Accommodation Office
Accommodation Assistant Mrs Sarah Thomas 339725
Accommodation Officer Mrs Keisha Sharp 339123
Admissions Office
Admissions Coordinator Mrs Lynn Willmoth 339143
Admissions Tutors

Dr Scott Annett
Dr Emily Price
Dr Lizzi Rawlinson-Mills

Schools' Liaison Officer Ms Ruth Moss 339224
Bursar's Office
Finance Bursar Ms Fiona Brockbank --
Domestic Bursar Mr Nick Milne 339538
Bursars' Assistant Mr Nick Lomax 336101
Catering & Conference
Conference and Events Co-ordinator Ms Rosalind Marsh 330719
Conference and Events Manager Ms Ellie Moore 339116
Junior Conference and Events Co-ordinator Mr Marco Ariano 768889
Sales Account Manager  Ms Soniya Sawant 330699
Catering and Conference Office Co-ordinator Ms Chelsea Roberts 768888
B&B Reservations Ms Chelsea Roberts 339863
Audio Visual Manager Mr Stewart Whitehill 339171
Audio Visual Technician Mr Simon Kendrick 339898
Assistant Catering Manager (Food and Beverage Service) Mrs Sarah Harold 339106
Assistant Manager Bar/Red Brick Cafe Mr Simon Murden 339138
Head Chef Mr Gary Dougan 768904
Deputy Catering Manager Mrs Christine James 339119
Head of Conference and Catering Services Mr Kevin Breeze 332855
Chaplain Revd Dr Simon Perry 339140
College Nurse
Nurse Mrs Anne Considine 339136
Finance Office
Finance Assistant (Student Accounts Manager) Mrs Jane Hall 768892
Finance Support Assistant (Purchase Ledger) Ms Huiying Zhu 768893
Payroll Coordinator Ms Ewa Przewozniczuk  339193
Deputy Finance Manager (Purchase Ledger) Mrs Julia McCarthy 768891
Head of Finance Ms Helen Carder 339174
Communications Office
Communications Manager Ms Nicola Hardy 330727
Computer Office
IT Helpdesk IT Helpdesk 768925
IT Systems Administrator Mr Kevin Bellwood 768925
IT Systems Developer Mr Darren Tarrant 760192
Deputy IT Manager Mr Michael Hauser 339109
IT Manager Mr Dave Johnstone 339806
Development Office
Development Office Email Development Office 339036
Development Director Ms Sarah Westwood 768895
Development Deputy Director Mrs Catherine Biggs 768894
Development Manager: Alumni and Donor Relations Ms Gabrielle Hick 339213
Development Officer Mrs Helen Winter 339037
Events and Communications Administrator Mr Norbert Truszczynski 339118
Research and Database Manager Margaret Nicholson 339184
Gardens Department
Head Gardener Mr Guy Fuller 339167
Deputy Head Gardener Mr Paul Horner 339167
Housekeeping Department
Housekeeping Hunt Number   339128
Housekeeping Manager Mrs Julie Allen 768901
Operations Manager Aleksandra Kucharska 768902
Housekeeping Supervisor (College Staircases) Ms Sara Venkappa 768900
Housekeeping Supervisor (Hostels & Meeting Rooms) Ms Lynne Freestone 339801
Human Resources
HR Manager Mrs Jenny Woodfield 332858
HR Coordinator Mrs Chloe Hodgkisson 330709
Library and Archive
College Librarian Ms Judith Brown 339124
Library Assistant Dr Ian Chambers  
Archivist and Records Manager Currently Vacant 339148
Maintenance Department
Maintenance Assistant Mr Mark Allen 339129
Maintenance Manager Mr Jeremy Mildenhall 768907
Project Manager Mr Bill McKim  
Porter's Lodge
Head Porter Mr David Reynolds 339227
Deputy Head Porter Mr David Faircliff 339100
Duty Porters Email Porters' Lodge 339100
Tutorial Office
Postgraduate Administrator Mrs Sharon Upton 761299
Postgraduate Administrator Miss Francesca Amabile 339190
Tutorial Assistant/Praelector's Secretary (Graduation Enquiries) Mrs Linda Hunns 339142
Accommodation/Tutorial Assistant Mrs Sarah Thomas 339725
Tutorial Manager/Senior Tutor's Assistant Mrs Keisha Sharp 339123
Senior Tutor Dr David Woodman  
Student Wellbeing and Welfare
Head of Student Wellbeing and Welfare Miss Karen Tate 330731
College Nurse Mrs Anne Considine 339136
College Chaplain Revd Dr Simon Perry 339140
Warden's Office
Executive Assistant to the Warden Ms Helen Johnson 339122
Warden Sir Richard Heaton