Q800 (three year course) and Q801 (four year course)

All students spend two years on the Part I course and, though most go on to read Classics Part II (normally a one-year course), it may be possible to change to another subject. Subjects successfully combined with Classics include History, Law, English, History of Art, Theology, and Social and Political Sciences. Papers from other Triposes are also available within the Classics Part II.

Subject Requirements

3 year course:

Essential: A Level/IB Higher Level Latin and/or Greek.

Also Useful: GCSE Latin and/or Greek.

4 year course: No subject requirements.

Most of our classics students have taken A level Latin/IB Higher level Latin. While A Level/IB Higher Level Greek is desirable, many of our undergraduates take part in our Intensive Greek Programme aimed at those who have studied little or no Greek.

For the four year course, no specific A Level/IB Higher Level subject is essential but experience of language learning is helpful. Reading classes, and grammar tuition from language specialists are provided.

Please also see Classics: Entry Requirements on the university website.

Written Work

Applicants are asked to submit, in advance of their interview, two school essays from their work at AS or GCE A level. Applicants may be asked to discuss these essays during their subject interview.

Admissions Assessments

All applicants for Classics are required to take an assessment at interview, if interviewed. The assessments will differ: those who have applied for the three-year course are required to carry out a written translation exercise (60 minutes) and those who have applied for the four-year course are required to carry out a language (including some Latin if appropriate) (60 minutes). For further information on the assessment format, please view the entry requirements tab on: http://www.undergraduate.study.cam.ac.uk/courses/classics.

Director of Studies - Dr R Omitowoju

Further information

Classics  (information from Cambridge Admissions website)

Updated May 2016