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Typical Offers Require

A Level: A*A*A IB: 40-42 points, with 776 at Higher Level​

Robinson College offers not only a high standard of modern accommodation and facilities, but also has teaching fellows who work in both pre-clinical and clinical departments. Therefore our students are taught, advised and cared for by tutors with an understanding of their long-term hopes and ambitions.

Robinson admits 8 or 9 undergraduates each year so there are approximately 25 undergraduate medical students in residence. This number is small enough to create a close-knit group and ensure individual support, but large enough to include a wide variety of people with different experiences engendering a warm, friendly environment. After graduation all students then go on for years 4-6 to complete their clinical training based at to Addenbrookes  Hospital, Cambridge

Throughout their time here, pre-clinical and clinical students receive advice and mentoring about their academic and career development from their director of studies (DOS) and tutors at the college. Our aim is to support you in reaching your full academic potential as well as developing the skills needed to be a good doctor.

Subject Requirements

Essential: A Level Chemistry and one of Biology, Physics or Mathematics / IB Higher Level Chemistry and one of Biology, Physics or Mathematics. 

Information on equivalent entry requirements for medicine in other exam systems than GCSE / AS / A Level is given on the Medicine Entry requirements webpage on the university website, or consult the Robinson College Admissions tutor for further advice.

Written Work in advance  None.

Admission Assessments

BioMedical Admissions Test (BMAT): pre-registration required


Applicants to Robinson College will be invited for interview based on an overall assessment of their educational record, school references, personal statement and BMAT results. We do not normally invite for interview applicants whose GCSE, AS module scores (if available) and/or BMAT are not competitive. In recent years successful applicants invited for interview typically have a combined score of 10.0 or more in sections 1+2 of the BMAT. However these are only guidelines. We may also invite for interview applicants whose application is strong enough overall in other ways to suggest suitability for a career in medicine. We also welcome applicants from other examination systems such as Highers or International Baccalaureate. Our aim is to admit suitably qualified candidates from the widest possible educational backgrounds, based on their academic potential.

The interviews comprise a general interview and two academic interviews. They are designed to assess your insight into a career in medicine, why you wish to become a doctor, and why you wish to come to Cambridge University. They will also consider how you use your knowledge to solve problems or in novel situations. We are looking for evidence that you have a passion for biomedical science and the enthusiasm and ability to apply this in a clinical context. Our aim is for the interviews to be an enjoyable and stimulating experience. More information about interviews and examples of interviews are available from the university admissions website.

The university also admits a limited number of overseas applicants to read medicine each year, so places are extremely competitive. Prospective international students are encouraged to contact the admissions office to discuss their application.

Based on our overall assessment of your application, and provided you satisfy the University's pre-medical requirements, successful candidates will then receive a conditional offer. If you achieve this you will be guaranteed a place. The minimum conditional offer is A*A*A at A-level, including Chemistry and at least one other science or mathematics subject. For advice about other suitable qualifications consult the Robinson College Admissions tutor for further advice.

Gap Years

We are very happy to consider students who wish to defer entry to the following year. If you have a clear plan for your ‘year out’ then it can help you broaden your outlook and develop valuable non-academic skills. It does carry the risk that your study skills become ‘rusty’ but provided they prepare before they arrive, most students find they catch up swiftly. Similarly we are happy to receive applications from students after they have completed their A levels.

Please contact the Admissions office if you require any further information about applying to Robinson.

Directors of Studies

Dr A Sharkey (Part IA & Part II)

Dr Andrej Corovic (Part IB)

Professor P J A Hutchinson (Clinical)


Important: Further Information about clinical Medicine at Robinson

Further details of the pre-clinical Medicine course at Cambridge (information from Cambridge Admissions website).

School of Clinical Medicine's website

Last Updated April 2023