Happy New Year everyone!

RCBC is just wrapping up our Lents training week, and is keen to keep building on previous years' successes. I would like to take this opportunity to ask all Old Blades (and Rudders!) to book in their calendars the 17 of June, 2017 for May Boat Club dinner. This will be a major event for the Old Blades community, now led by the recently formed Pegasus Boat Club.

This coming term will prove highly exciting, as both the Men and Women are coming off last year's successful Lent campaigns and we are working hard to continue that success. I would like to thank everyone that's been part of these successes via coaching, technical and financial support. We rely very much on you all!

More details on the state of the club, the alumni association, and club activities can be found in the highly anticipated 2015-16 season review.

In addition to Mays BCD, we encourage you to attend this term's races, whose dates are listed below:

Winter Head to Head                       28rd January 2017

Robinson Head                                  10th February 2017
Lent Bumps                                        28th Feb - 4th March 2017
Head of the River Race                    25th March 2017

Please get in touch if you plan to attend or can offer any coaching or technical advice. Thank you again for all the support and best wishes!

For the Mighty 'Binson,

Gregory Tainter

RCBC President