On 23rd March 2019 Robinson College had the privilege and pleasure to host the Annual Alumni Open Dinner as part of the Annual Alumni Open Weekend. This year we welcomed alumni who were attending this yearly gathering for the thirtieth and for the first time. Our guests ranged from 1979 matriculation year to a group of 2016 students who read Sustainability Leadership. 

For the second year running we hosted an Alumni Forum where our alumni talk about their time at Robinson and their careers. This year we were very fortunate to enlist three fabulous speakers for "From Bricks to Flicks": Creativity and Innovation in Film by Robinson Alumni. Saul Metzstein (Architecture, 1989), Jonny Persey (SPS Psychology, 1988) and Gary Sinyor (SPS, 1980) entertained the gathered audience to fascinating stories about their times at Robinson and their professional lives after Cambridge. It proved to be a fascinating, riveting, thought-provoking and thoroughly entertaining two hour session. We are very grateful to our speakers and to the chair of the Forum, Saul Nassé (Natural Sciences, 1984).

In the evening our guests and the attending members of College sat down to dinner in Hall, having already enjoyed a sparkling wine reception and a photographic exhibition on the Hall Balcony.

Thank you very much to our Alumni and their guests for returning to Robinson and we are looking forward to seeing you again in 2020.