Archives Building Progress Report week 12

06 September 2019

Bill McKim Facilities Manager


Weather conditions

Mixed with very heavy downpours

  • Progress on schedule.
  • Blockwork / Brickwork 1st floor
  • 1st floor slab
  • Front brick elevation and rebated slips
  • Canopy details agreed and installed.
  • Drainage

Gable elevation up to 1st floor

Delivery of the 1st floor slab and placement

The crane squeezed in to the tight area to allow clean lifting of slab

Though a deep bed of mortar was prepared to sit the concrete slabs on to additional make up of mortar will be required to the underside of the slabs.

Steel lintels in place over agreed areas.

Corbelling as directed by the architect

Shuttering completed to accept first floor structural screed.

Forming in place for stairwell and structural screed.

Canopy struts fitted in place

Moving forward.

  • Scaffolding next flight (Monday 9th sept)
  • Structural screed, (Tuesday 10th  September)
  • Bricklayers to return thereafter to build blockwork gables.