Robinson Archives building - Progress report week 4

15 July 2019

Bill McKim Facilities Manager


  • Piling completed/Pile caps exposed and reducing to accommodate steel fixings.
  • Piles have been tested and approved.
  • Gable end wall adjoining room 5A finishing agreed with Architect and planners.
  • Disused fire escape removed from 6 Adams rd.
  • Program approx. 1 week ahead.

Piles exposed in ready for reduction and testing

Pile caps shown with the orange cap tops. Steels being placed in situ ready for tying to corners.

Backfilling around the cordex

Cordex cellcore to be cleaned out prior to concreting.

Steel reenforcement being put together before being lowered into place.

Gable end wall adjoining room 5A. The wall has various areas where alterations have taken place in the past. This has left the gable end with a mixture of different bricks etc.

Awaiting Architects instruction after meeting with conservation officer.

Enough bricks have been recovered to nib in the corner of the building and the link wall of the opposing corner but not enough to replace the extent of the gable.

Looking ahead at week 5.

Continue with foundation construction.