Robinson Archives Building - Progress Report week 6.

30 July 2019

Bill McKim Facilities Manager


  • Progress on schedule.
  • On plan possibly still 1 week ahead. Perhaps slightly more.
  • Below ground blockwork complete to DPM wrap
  • Slab has been placed
  • DPM slab/Roll on in progress
  • Ductwork being positioned as per agreement.
  • Trenching for services connections to water underway.

Placing of the slab showing the sling over the trees and safely placed on prepared foundations.

Slab arrived on time and crane etc all went according to plan.

Slab in place with wrap around DPM in temporary position

Roll on membrane completed

Trenching for water services under way.

Looking ahead.

  • Continue with Water services
  • Drainage works
  • Hollow core
  • Start with brickwork