Dear all,

Brickhouse Theatre Company are very excited to release our Michaelmas termcard for 2017! We will be bringing six fantastic shows to the Robinson College Auditorium over the next couple of months, starting with our freshers' week show, Don't Ever Change , on Saturday 7th and Sunday 8th October at 7pm. This original musical written by Cambridge students Elspeth Collard and Rebecca Rebis has just returned from a successful run at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival where it was reviewed as featuring 'some really impressive voices and musical talents', with a 'ridiculously catchy (and often deeply moving) musical score'. We also have a special 2-for-1 offer on-the-door for all Robinson freshers. This is not one to miss! Four old school friends – Ella, Cathie, Robyn and Sal – reunite at a bar to reminisce about the good old days. However, Philippa, the fifth member of the group, is noticeably absent; upon discovering her old diary, she decides to do some reminiscing of her own. Over the course of the evening, we rediscover the group’s school days and watch as their friendships become increasingly fractured, as arguments over schoolwork, the pressure to fit in and their complicated love lives tear apart even the closest of friendships. As these arguments work their way into the present day, we are left to wonder – do people ever really change?

Another original musical coming to the Robinson Auditorium this term is Molly Cook and Anthony Gray's incredible musical comedy A Very Brexit Musical which runs from Thursday 9th to Saturday 11th November at 7:45pm with a 2:30pm Saturday matinee. A newly qualified journalist gets his first big break writing for the Maily Dail just as the biggest upset in British politics is about to occur. How will he cope with his fearsome editor and the many throws and spills of the referendum campaign? Follow the story of Cavid Dameron’s ill-fated decision to hold a referendum in the first instance, alongside Joris Bohnson’s grasp for power in supporting the leave campaign. Does anyone come out as a winner? This musical comedy weaves patriotic anthems and political satire to shape the touching interactions of our torn protagonist as he tries to comprehend the mayhem of the campaign. Will he compromise his beliefs in order to further his career? This production showcases Robinson's very own musical talents, being written and composed entirely by two Robinson undergraduates. This is anther show that is certainly not to be missed!

Other musicals include the annual G&S freshers' show: The Sorcerer (Thursday 23rd - Saturday 25th, 7:45pm), and the Tony award winning, hit rock musical, American Idiot featuring many of Green Day's best known songs. The show will be running from Thursday 16th to Saturday 18th November at 7:45pm with a 2:30pm Saturday matinee. American Idiot follows three friends - Johnny, Will, and Tunny - as they try to navigate a post 9-11 world. Johnny and Tunny escape to the city, whilst Will stays at home to sort out his relationship with his pregnant girlfriend, Heather. When Johnny is experiencing the freedom of the city, he becomes entangled in a passionate affair with an unpredictable young woman; however, he begins an even more passionate affair with drugs, discovering a part of himself that he begins to hate. Meanwhile, Tunny quickly gives up on life in the city and enlists in the army to be sent to war. This is a hard-hitting show about identity and individualism, and above all, finding something to believe in.

Finally, we have Michael Frayn's gripping drama, Copenhagen which runs from Sunday 5th to Tuesday 7th November at 7:30pm. September 1941: Nazi occupied Denmark. Two friends meet. One is a German nuclear physicist, Werner Heisenberg; the other, Niels Bohr, a Danish Jew, was once his colleague and mentor. Their meeting is documented, but what was said is lost to history. In a Europe engulfed by war and vying for nuclear armament, questions of personal and national responsibility, politics and physics, ethics and duty strain against each other. In the midst of these inexorable tensions, the motivation of individuals becomes as inscrutable as the quantum particles they study. Years later, in death, Heisenberg meets again with Bohr and his wife, Margrethe, in an attempt to resolve the uncertainty.

Tickets for Don't Ever Change, Copenhagen, A Very Brexit Musical and American Idiot are all now available online using our ticketing service:, whilst tickets for the Gilbert and Sullivan society show are available using the ADC Ticketing service.

More information on all of our shows can be found on our website:, and be sure to follow our social media channels on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram (@BrickhouseTC) for the latest updates.

We look forward to welcoming you to the Brickhouse Theatre soon!

All the best,

Matt, Luke, Lizzie and the rest of the Brickhouse committee