Following a great season for the handball teams last year, with the men's team winning Varsity and the women's team winning the plate finals of the University Championships, there are high expectations for this year. In its fourth year of running the handball club saw a lot of new members joining, ranging from complete beginners to past national players. With the first month of

trainings focusing on the basics to bring everyone up to speed, the beginners showed very rapid improvement, as all the experienced players were extremely keen to help them.

The newly formed teams proved their progress in friendly matches in mid-November, with the men's team easily beating the Stansted men's team (28:8), with some impressive performances from both the experienced and novice players. The women's team, whose opponent could not make it to the game, played against a mixed team made up of female players from the Cambridge City Handball Club and some men. Despite the difficult opponent the team still managed to play very well, with a nice flow during attack and defence (15:21). The friendlies were a great opportunity to show beginners how a handball game works and gave everyone a chance to play as a team in preparation for this year's Varsity and University Championship matches. Everybody who participated can agree that waking up that Sunday morning was worth it, especially the team captains who saw very promising results.

Team bonding is highly encouraged outside trainings as well, and usually achieved through food, drinks, and games, as we have organised formals, brunch and bar events, thanks to an amazing 'Minister of Fun' (more commonly known as social sec). Especially Robinson College’s Red Brick Café is often visited (because of good food and drink, the proximity to the sports centre, and the large crowd of Robinson students in the teams – including the men’s captain.

More exciting events and nights out are to come, with the highlight every year being championship weekends.

Handball is an exciting, fast-paced game and the Handball Club invites everyone to join and try it out.

Florian Stroehl, 3Grad, Robinson College and Eleni Pahita