Dear Development Team, dear ‘Binson “Gang”,

As my family and I moved from London to Milan, Italy, in December 2018 we could not have imagined the current situation. We are LOVING our life in Milano, we have found many good friends in a short period of time, both amongst our next door neighbours, amongst the families of Tristan’s class mates’ families (Tristan is 10 and attending an IB school in Milan, while his sister Sara is finishing her B.A. in interior design in London) and amongst the wider community – we were generally enjoying our time in Milan a lot, until the COVID-19 situation emerged...

Tristan has now gone through an entire half-term of “online schooling” (and we are mightily impressed with the school and the teachers, sometimes I feel that he is learning more now than before ). And as the half-term holidays started last week, he decided that he wanted to stay in touch with his class mates whom he is missing greatly – and he wanted to organise a short class for them while the teachers were having a break, just to spent some time together and maybe even learn something new.

Here was Tristan’s initial plan (yes, he has obviously spent to much time hanging out with me and my Excel tables):

He is running the classes on Zoom by himself and the feedback from both the kids and the parents has been amazing. I am attaching some pictures and a video of the results and setup… Overall, I am super excited for the kids to use their creative drive to find ways around any limitations posed by the current situation – just for themselves to be able to stay in touch and spend quality time together, which is what they seem to be missing most after all these weeks. This is especially true for places like Milano, where families literally send out one person once per week to do the shopping and at the same time visit the local pharmacist, only if necessary, of course. Thus this is much more restrictive than people elsewhere may imagine and it is why I find this particularly brave and courageous, especially amongst kids. Of course, these are still first-world problems that the kids are trying to solve and they are fortunate to have all the equipment and support available – but it is the positive approach and ability to overcome any obstacles that is really inspiring to me.

Lots of hugs to the entire ‘Binson community in the UK and beyond – and do give us a shout when you are in Milan, after the lockdowns are over!

Kind regards,

Tomaz Sesek (Computer Science, 1993)

Tristan's Drawing class

Tristan's muffins