Tortillas and Duolingo

by James Millington (Anglo-Saxon, Norse and Celtic, 2017)

I have been living in college for the entirety of lockdown, as my parents live in Italy and it hasn't been possible or practical for me to get home. I'm used to spending the Easter holidays in Cambridge, so oddly enough in many ways it hasn't been all that different from that for me. One of the big differences has been the fact of not having to move out of the main college building and into a house; I'm used to Easter holidays feeling at least a little bit "holidayish" even though I'm still in Cambridge because I'm in a different environment (with a better kitchen!). Another big difference has been cooking for myself a lot more. Normally I'd occasionally get food in town or in the GR, but since March I've eaten nothing I haven't cooked myself, which given the limitations of the college kitchens has required some imagination. Who knew how easy it is to make and cook your own tortillas?

Loneliness has been an issue at times, as even those of us that are still in college are in separate staircases (and therefore different "households"), but video calls, messages and letters from family and friends have helped with that a lot. Motivation to do work towards my exams tends to come in waves, I'll have a few productive days and then not want to look at another bit of Middle Welsh vocab ever again for a few days. On the bright side, it's all meant I've had plenty of time to maintain my Duolingo streak as a method of procrastination. Wouldn't mind a nice pizza though. The whole thing's also made a lot of my long term plans fly up into the air like a cake launched from a trebuchet (selection for the job I want got cancelled until further notice back in March two days before I was meant to go, so RIP me I guess), but I can always find ways to muddle on through. Everyone reading this at home will be happy to know that the bricks are still red, the garden is still green, and the UL hasn't disappeared due to someone chucking jewellery into a volcano.