Dr Gary Doherty, Fellow and Director of Studies in Medicine, Chair of the Visual Arts Committee, has just been appointed to a position as a Consultant Medical Oncologist, specialising in Lung Oncology and Neuro-oncology.  The clinical part of the post is based at Addenbrooke’s and the Royal Papworth Hospitals. This is only the second appointment in the UK for a Medical Oncologist specialising in central nervous system tumours.

Dr Doherty explains that the lack of clinical research posts in this field is likely to be one of the reasons why aggressive central nervous system tumours continue to carry such a dismal prognosis – the standard treatment for these has not changed in decades despite a wealth of knowledge of the genetic drivers of such malignancies. Despite significant recent advances, lung cancer also has a generally poor prognosis, and further clinical research is needed to improve outcomes for these patients. Dr Doherty's new post has ample academic time, supported by the Cambridge Cancer Centre, to further develop his research in this field of medicine.