Ellie Moore started her 12 month internship with the Robinson College, University of Cambridge events team in September 2015. Her placement is part of the Events Management course at Leeds Beckett University UKCEM. As it comes to a close, we hear about her experience and why industry placements are a key ingredient in producing work ready graduates.

I chose Robinson College for my placement year because of the credible reputation it has within the events industry. The College excels in corporate conferences, meetings and events, and as this isn’t something I had experience in, this opportunity allowed me to broaden my knowledge within this aspect of the industry.

I have learnt so much in a year; from enhancing my digital communication skills through managing the College’s social media channels, to independently running meetings and events. One of the biggest learning curves has been my exposure to everyday business life.

My understanding of the event industry as a whole has developed remarkably. By having the opportunity to network with likeminded event professionals I’ve gained valuable insight into the roles individuals play in their organisations. These meetings and conversations have shown me that there really is a lot more to the industry than just running events, including the thought and collaborative effort that goes into producing a concept for an individual event and the supporting marketing.

Being able to take a year out to develop my skills through an industry placement is a vital part of my degree. I’ve gained hands on experience that will bolster my theoretical understanding by equipping me with knowledge that I wouldn’t gain during my course. Each experience has prepared me for the working world and what to expect when I graduate.

A highlight of my time at Robinson has been my involvement in the evolution of clic+, the specialist annual conference run by the College that shares event best practice. I was able to support clic+ at the beginning of my placement and have a key role in helping it develop into the clic+ Club, a series of events that take place throughout the year. It has been an amazing experience to work behind the scenes and see it all come together. I’m looking forward to returning to University in September and using the experience I’ve gained.

By working at Robinson College and seeing the industry from an inside perspective I have gained invaluable experience which will help me in my future chosen career.