On Thursday 10th October, join Robinson alumna Olivia Gordon (English, 1997) at Heffers bookshop as she talks about her new book, The First Breath: How Modern Medicine Saves the Most Fragile Lives, in conversation with Dr Lucy Raymond, a professor of neurodevelopment at Cambridge University. The First Breath is a memoir which explores the cutting-edge medicine that has saved a generation of babies who would not have survived if they had been born only a few decades ago. 

The First Breath tells of fear, bravery and love. Olivia Gordon takes the reader behind the closed doors of the fetal and neonatal intensive care units, resuscitation rooms and operating theatres at some of the world's leading children's hospitals, unveiling the untold story of how doctors save the sickest babies, and detailing the relationship mothers develop with doctors who hold not only life and death in their hands, but also the very possibility of birth.

Olivia Gordon will be talking from a parent's perspective about foetal and neonatal care, the longterm impact of NICU, perinatal mental health, disability and more…This will be stimulating evening for anyone interested in paediatrics, disability, memoir-writing and/or medical humanities.

Event details can be found here.