Robinson College has a full and diverse Music programme. Below, two first year music students have given a brief overview of their typical day

Anthony Gray: typical day of a first year music student

I got up at 8:45am to prepare for Dr Edward Wickham's lecture at 9:30am. I briefly visited the Pendlebury library to collect some materials for an essay and a new piece of organ music. On returning to college, I went for lunch in the Red Brick Café and played a frame of pool with a friend. I then got stuck into an essay in the library that afternoon before preparing to cycle across town to take a choir rehearsal at another college. I grabbed some food on the way back and met up with some friends in the bar that evening before hitting the hay at 11:30pm.

David Reavley: typical day of a first year music student

I got up at 8:30am to get ready for a 9:30am lecture on the music of Byrd and Palestrina with Dr Edward Wickham. At 11am I returned to college to file my notes and do some brief keyboard practice before lunch. I went for lunch in the Robinson College Café with friends. Afterwards, I came back to my room to read sources for an essay and planned it out. In the evening I had an orchestra rehearsal for a concert at the end of term. I was back in my room by 11pm, and turned in for the night after briefly revisiting my composition coursework before its initial performance two days later.