Entry Requirements: A*AA

No subjects required but a mix of science and essay based subjects is recommended

James switched to PBS after his first year of Philosophy. He now takes two papers in Philosophy and two papers in PBS. He is assessed at the end of the year with three exams and an extended research project.


What do you most enjoy about PBS? 

Reasoning and Decision Making: what is the logical, normative way of approaching a problem compared to heuristic and biases. 

How many contact hours do you have a week? 

Six hours of supervision and a few hours of lectures.

What are you researching for your extended project? 

Whether cryillis letters are more susceptible to the crowding effect. The crowding effect is when you can’t see objects in peripheral vision. Cyrillis letters have dominant horizontal spatial frequency so they are more similar to each other than Latin letters. 

What do you do in the evening? 

Latin dancing, Russian, dinner with friends, work.

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