The daffodils at the front of Robinson College are in full bloom which can only mean one thing, spring has finally arrived. A favourite time of year for many, the sun is up, the flowers are blossoming and the prospect of opening the gas bill has become slightly less terrifying.

Making the most of the spring sunshine can do more than provide a healthy dose of vitamin D, it is an excellent opportunity to embark on a team build session and treat your employees to a much needed day away from the office.

There are several advantages that come from participating in team building activities, including improving your team’s co-operation skills, learning to work together and increasing productivity

Allowing workers the opportunity to do something out of the ordinary and away from the usual four walls of the office can stimulate and ignite imaginations, which may then lead to a streak of creativity back in the workplace. 

Many team building activities encourage staff to work together to achieve an ultimate goal. The satisfaction that comes from this can drive staff to succeed in other areas, which can lead to increased motivation to achieve more in the workplace.

At Robinson College we know the benefits that come from an employee team build session, which is why we have joined with Off Limits Corporate Events, to offer a variety of fun and active outdoor team building packages to compliment any conference, meeting or event.

Whether you are looking to get the most from your teams and improve business performance, organise an unusual conference ice-breaker or include a social activity at your event, Robinson College will work with you and your objectives to create an appropriate activity and put that spring back in your workers’ step.