Hi everyone,

Now that the essays are starting to slow,

and festive cheer's beginning to flow,

we hope you're having a fab week eight,

and that your holidays will be great!


Unfortunately we're now giving up on the rhyme,

cause it would just take too much time. 

If you're still reading (which hopefully only 6 lines in everyone still is), we thought we’d write a positive email about Green initiatives already going on across the college, since it's often easy to get fixated on the depressing side of climate change.

   Did you know?

  • We have a Water Source Heat Pump in the Bin Brook - this basically extracts heat from the water in the Brook and converts it into energy which can be used in College. The goal is that this system will reduce the gas requirement of the college buildings by 50%!!  Have you ever wondered why there are random holes in the bridge in the picture? They’re to support the struggling eel population!                                
  • Last year, we were one of only FOUR colleges to win a Platinum Green Impact Award  for our all-round eco-friendliness!  
  • None of our rubbish currently goes to landfill.  Ellgia (our waste manager) has a special plant where it all gets hand separated and recycled accordingly.  
  • We’ve got solar panels on the roof of the main building.  They produced an average of 29.76 kilowatts per day last week!!

We’ve been having exciting discussions about composting and catering and if you have anything else you want us to raise just pop us an email at ib425 or cd709!!

Have a lovely Christmas,

Izaak and Caroline

MCR and JCR Green Officers