Herbert and Judith Weil, both Robinson College Bye Fellows, first time in 1988, have most recently published the articles on Henry IV, Parts One and Two for the Stanford Global Shakespeare Encyclopedia scheduled to be published online and free in several months. They also edited Part One in The Cambridge New Shakespeare Edition. Judy has a chapter on Part Two in her more recent CUP book.

The General Editor of The Stanford Global Shakespeare Encyclopedia Patricia Parker in her latest update to the Encyclopedia contributors reports:

“As is to be expected given the fulltime teaching and other obligations of over 300 contributors, it has taken until now to get all of the many crucial updates in.  But in the meantime, in addition to the important new entries on new film and television adaptations, we have received wonderful new entries from around the globe.  And in addition--because of excitement that this encyclopedia will be an online reference work available for free to anyone in the world with access to the internet--theaters in the UK, U.S., Canada, and around the world have donated hundreds of color photographs of recent productions, amounting to now over 1,000 illustrations overall. Captions and signed permissions for those illustrations are currently being completed. The entire encyclopedia (approximately 1.7 million words long) will then be completely proofread and copyedited prior to its “digitization” into a pre-release online version that will be semantically “tagged” to make it searchable by any scholar, student, or teacher in a way that a print publication could not be.  The entire pre-release version will then be proofread by our team; the over 1,000 illustrations will be digitally inserted; and the final encyclopedia with illustrations will be launched online during the 2018-19 academic year.

Because it is an online encyclopedia, which in addition to its over 4,000 entries includes Appendices and Lesson Plans and other materials for teachers, students, and researchers, it will be possible for users to refine their searches according to their particular research topics and/or teaching needs.  It will also be possible to digitally organize its entries into world-wide information on particular plays and-or topics and download printable “Coursepacks” for teaching.  Feedback we have received indicates that it will be “a gift for teachers everywhere” and will enable a more global education for us all. www.sup.org/shakespeare