Knowing what your audience is looking to get out of an event is of course vital when planning and managing the programme. However it is not simply the information given, but the way that it is delivered so that content is relevant and accessible to generations X, Y and Z. This will make the difference between your delegates participating and engaging with the content, to switching off and absorbing very little.

We now live in an advanced society where information is so easily accessible via live streaming, that some organisations may feel that conference attendance is no longer necessary. We realised that it is the interactive value around the event programme that is just as important to a successful conference, as the educational aspect.

For our recent conference trade show, Clic+, we experimented with the methods we used to deliver information. We recruited speakers who each had an interesting story in their own engaging presentation styles, but we also encouraged interaction between speaker and audience, via Q and A, panel sessions and visible Twitter feeds.

Interactive workshops, fast paced teambuilding sessions, networking time and plenty of nutritional food and drink meant that the day explored the different ways that people could learn and interact whilst allowing them to have fun and be comfortable. We had some fantastic feedback from people who were glad that they had taken the time out of their busy working schedules to visit Clic+. Which in this day and age is exactly what’s required to inspire your delegates to take more time to attend conferences in the future.