Robinson has a lively IT office with Dave, Mike and Kevin at hand to help with all IT related issues.

What’s the most important thing for students to think about regarding IT Kevin?

We have seen quite a lot of hard drives failing recently and students have lost all their work. It’s really important that students back up their work on a different media, such as a cloud, USB stick or external hard drive. If you are using a cloud, your work should sync automatically. With USB sticks and external hard drives, you should regularly back up your work.

What should students think when buying a computer for University Kevin?

There is no need to spend a lot of money on a laptop - you can purchase a very decent laptop for around £250. Students are eligible for a free Microsoft Office 365 subscription while they are at University so there is no need to buy this before they come. If students don’t have a laptop, Robinson has a computer room with 8 PCs and 1 Mac and 2 computers in the library. There are also 2 computers in the MCR (Middle Combination Room) and there are also computer facilities in all the Departments. . 

What about anti-malware software?

If you bank online, your bank may offer antivirus software for free so it is worth checking this. For example, Barclays offer Kaspersky Antivirus free each year. The University offers free Mcafee antivirus software.We also recommend the free versions of Malware Bytes and Spybot Search and Destroy. There are also the standard Windows Security Essentials and Windows Defender, which are both free.

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