Hi, my name is Malaikah and I'm 12 yrs old. I'm originally from Lahore, Pakistan, but moved to London 5 yrs ago. I went to an amazing primary school called Deansbrook junior, but recently moved to London academy as my secondary school. I just finished my first year here at the academy and soon will start going to yr 8. My GCSE’s are creeping up faster than I thought they would.

Now, it might be a little unusual how a secondary school kid is writing on a university blog, well let me clear that up. Recently, many students from my year were invited to go to 2 universities and one of them was Cambridge. I was very privileged to be invited to visit Cambridge University. It was very hard to wait for the trip, I'm a very impatient person you see, but finally the day came. I partnered with one of my best friends, Shamirah, and we were together the whole day. For her the best part of the day was lunch! And may I say it was very delicious. But anyways, the coach trip was so long, but me and my friends chatted so much, time flew by easily.

Eventually when we got to the university, we were taken to the lecture theatre in Robinson college, where we talked much of our future plans and why in our future we should choose Cambridge university. Afterwards, some students joined us. One of the was a nice lady who was doing the course on science and the other was a funny hipster type who was studying history in the university. The nice lady showed us some cool scientific videos and demonstrated a few simple and easy experiments we could try at home. After that, it was time to move from the lecture theatre to the whole college, as we separated off into groups, with the students as our tour guides. Our group tour guide was the funny hipster guy and we also got the photographer, we was taking photos for the Cambridge university website. Me and my friend were so happy that we were allowed to take photos ourselves.

We first visited the chapel which was full of beautiful glass stained windows and antique, colourful decorations. After that, we went to the Robinson’s college library, which I was very fascinated by because I love books. Moving from that we went around the gaming area to the gardens to the red brick café. And after all this was my friends, favourite part of the day, Lunch!

After the nice relaxation at lunch, we resumed back on the move as we headed towards our last experience of the day which was going to the Cambridge debating union. It was quite the walk but me and my friends spent the whole time in laughter and in fascination of Cambridge. We also chatted with one of our teachers on the trip how Cambridge looked like modern Italy, as it had beautiful castle shaped like buildings and had special gondolier rides on emerald lakes, just like in the movies.  We came across through one of the world’s largest libraries which I so desired to go into as it looked like it was full of amazing books, passed down from centuries. We also came across the most pink sweet shop, however sadly couldn't visit. Shortly after, we arrived at the debating union, we very quickly sat down, separated into 2 sections. Another 2 student joined us for the debating session and they both explained to us what we were going to debate on. We were to debate on if we should leave the EU or not and if the voting age should be lower or not. I was very excited for the debates as its one of my favourite things we do back in the academy, however the challenging side of this was we weren’t allowed to choose our sides, the university students did. I think I contributed very well and I was confident in my responses. After the debating session, we asked a few questions about the university and the debating union and found out facts like celebrities like Robert Downey Jr. also visited the university and the union.

After this we headed back to the coach as the day had ended and it was time to head home. We all left with excitement to see the university again but that time to stay. My hand ached from taking to many photos and my feet ached from walking so much, unexpectedly though, I wasn't tired and ran off after the school coach dropped us off at the academy to tell my family all about it.

I would like to thank the university for giving us a brilliant experience and my academy for giving me the opportunity to write about my experience on this privileged trip.