Dear all,

As another May Term comes to an end we have the yearly excitement of the May Bumps.

This year RCBC had three boats in the competition, M1 and M2 and W1,


M1 started May Bumps strongly chasing down on Queen’s who were within a canvas, before first post corner. Unfortunately Selwyn’s M1 two boats ahead caught a boat stopping crab, leaving M1 to get a strong row over.

On Day 2 A strong start allowed for a powerful chase on Selwyn’s who were trying to make amends for their first day.

Day 3 Chasing Queen’s again there was early aggression with slow progress into Queen’s gaining overlap at the top of the Reach and holding it for most of the Reach. No bump this day.

Day 4 A quick start but with King’s rapidly closing from behind, with overlap on grassy but thanks to exilent coxing M1 opened up the gap and gained on Queen’s, though a Kings’ surge past the Plough led to M1 being bumped on Ditton corner. Level overall for the week still 13th overall.


W1 were facing a though opening day and were caught by a very impressive Emmanuel’s W2 before first post.

Day 2 was tough again leading to being bumped by Sidney’s W1 before first post.

Day 3 Despite a stronger start than previous days, W1 were caught just after the motorway bridge. Day 4 W1 manages to hold Corpus’s W1 off during the start and under the motorway bridge but lost distance steadily until they were caught at first post corner. Finishing -4 for the week and 16th in Division 2.


M2 started the week surrounded by tough competition; they gained into a lightning fast Emmanuel’s M2 before they bumped out. The Gut and grassy found M2 at the front of a 3 boat sandwich from which they escaped unscathed for the strong row over.

Day 2 They got the bump on Peterhouse’s M2 on entry to first post corner. There was another exciting day as M2 chased Lady Margret’s M3 on Day 3 with carnage successfully navigated to achieve a bump on Ditton.

Day 4 M2 looked to end their successful campaign with a bump on St Catz’s M2. This was a strong slow build bump outside the Plough. Finishing +3 for the week and 4th in Division 3


 Timothy (out going Old Blades Secretary)