You may have seen the recent stories in the media about Cambridge University's plans for teaching and learning in the next academic year. These reports give far from the whole picture of next year’s life at Cambridge. Robinson College is very much aware that these reports may have caused concern and we want to give you our assurance that we shall do our very best to bring as many students as possible into residence in the next academic year, as well as ensuring that your experience at Robinson will be as well supported and academically enjoyable as possible. 

The University’s decision to move mass lectures online has been taken with the health and safety of students and staff in mind, as well as a need to facilitate planning for the next academic year. However, lectures will continue where possible on an in-person basis and the kind of small group learning, such as supervisions and seminars, which is so central to the Cambridge experience, and in which the College plays a fundamental role, remains central to our planning. As such, they will continue to be delivered wherever possible on a face-to-face basis.

We will be in touch with more information in due course regarding plans for next academic year and we remain available to answer any specific queries that you may have. 

Thank you!