This term saw 6 sessions focusing on a variety of topics, such as 'feminism and choice', 'intersectional feminism' and 'body image'. A particularly successful discussion was 'women and religion' where three female students of different religions came to speak about their experience of how their faith intersects with their feminism. Other discussions began with talks from various members of the university, including a PHD student whose research focussed on eating disorders and Robinson fellow, Baroness Julie Smith. Julie came in to discuss the problems women are still facing in politics, which was particularly interesting considering the (tragic) media coverage of Hilary Clinton during the run up to US election.

During Lent term, FemSoc are hoping to get more Robinson alumni to come in to speak to the society, some of the topics they will be looking at will be women in the refugee crisis and women in sport and science.

 Lottie Howson-Smith, 2UGrad, Robinson College