The Library has recently received a wonderful gift from John Sergeant, Emeritus Fellow, and at his suggestion we will be borrowing from the Japanese practice - weekly for the tokonoma - of displaying it one sheet at a time in the library (far end of the Entrance Floor).

Buildings, Plans and Designs: Frank Lloyd Wright was published in 1963 and is a large portfolio with 100 loose plates and accompanying pamphlet. This copy is number 480B of 2600. You can see bibliographic details in the University Libraries catalogue here

John spoke about the significance of the work:

“The 'Wasmuth', as Ausgeführte Bauten und Entwürfe von Frank Lloyd Wright, is known by architects, was published in Berlin in 1910-1911, a monumental portfolio of Wright's work to that date. It was a small run but had an immediate influence on the development of modernism in Europe. The entire English language edition was lost in the first fire at Taliesin, Wright's home and studio in Wisconsin. As a result it had less influence in the architect's own country. It remains a graphic landmark for both its compression (describing a project in total on one sheet, and for its delicacy and framing (influenced in turn by ukyo-e, Japanese woodcuts). The Robinson edition is the reproduction by Horizon Press, 1963, printed to a smaller scale.”

Incredibly significant for our architectural students, we know that many will enjoy using this publication and we are very grateful to John for the donation.