“Our passion is our strength.”

These words from Billie Joe Armstrong, of Green Day, are beautifully honest and to the point. They are the words of a dogged fighter, stubborn as hell – someone who does not care if his or her words cause controversy or outrage, and takes pride in the vigour that can brought to art and expression.

And these words reflect the hard-hitting message that underpins their rock-opera, ‘American Idiot’, presented to the students of Cambridge at the Brickhouse Theatre, 16-18 November. A powerful narrative centring on a group of troubled adolescent punks in the fictional Jingletown, USA, ‘American Idiot’ is an ode to the anti-establishment, to poignant teenage angst, and of course, unforgettable tunes from Green Day’s album of the same name, most of which in their time were global hits. Drugs, alcohol, and rage abound in a tempestuous story that takes the characters through broken friendships, war, love lost, love regained, and back again.

The team behind this Brickhouse production has brought passion and strength alike to this show. As the producer of the show, working with our director, Alice Bennett, and our musical director, Luke Alex Pitzer, I have been amazed by the dedication of the cast and the speed with which they were able to learn lines, lyrics, melodies, and choreography within the tight schedule of Cambridge productions.

So come along to Brickhouse Theatre for what promises to be a unique production of extremely talented actors and actresses giving voice to their fiery sides and performing music that will at once move you, amaze you, and thrill you. 

By Aron Goldin