Robinson College’s conferencing arm has curated a specific service for membership organisations, which is the college’s largest customer base accounting for 30% of its annual revenue. 

Membership+ is the new bespoke service, launched last month, which offers membership organisations the flexibility to adapt its service+ package to cater for specific event needs.

Robinson College carried out multiple focus groups to hone in on what membership organisations want and need from an events venue. The focus groups were made up of individuals from a variety of organisations, in order to gain diverse insight and understand multiple pressure points when it comes to organising an event and deciding on the venue.

Rose McDonald, head of sales and marketing at Robinson College, said: “Membership organisations are a large part of our customer base and we’re excited to have been able to listen to our audience, find out their specific needs and curate a brand new service to accommodate these.

We’re committed to continually refining our services so they stay relevant to our customers, enabling us to keep delivering successful events that go above and beyond answering our clients brief.”

Find out more about our membership+ service, here.