Congratulations to the Robinson Women’s Football Team who have had a very successful term, winning three out of four league matches.

3-4 to Homerton (loss)

13-0 against Emmanuel (win)

6-0 against Trinity Hall (win)

16-0 against Trinity (win)

That’s a grand total of 38 goals scored in league matches (not including cuppers and Old Girl's). This is an impressive achievement because that’s greater than the combined total of all the goals scored by the other teams in their division (1st division). 

Faced with ups and downs, the cuppers match against Queens' didn't go so well, as they lost 4-8 and were relegated to the Plate, which will begin next term.

Lent term also sees the Robinson team participating in their Sister College match against St Catherine's, Oxford. We will be cheering you all on and look forward to hearing the result.

Keep up to good work!

Emma - Altmann-Richer, 1UGrad, Robinson College